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22 August, 2013

Great Local Eats

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It’s been forever. Between work, freelance work, getting ready for my best friend’s wedding this weekend, and preparing for Italy – it’s been crazy!  But, I can still sneak a few posts in before I jet set to the land of wine and pasta. So in preparation for some good eatin’, I wanted to share some of
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9 April, 2013

Ina Garten’s Mac and Cheese with Gruyere

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As I mentioned, I made my favorite meal for Sunday dinner. Unlike my traditional mac and cheese recipe, Ina Garten (AKA Food Network’s Barefoot Contessa) makes hers with Gruyere cheese, making it more gourmet and delicious. Gruyere is a hard yellow cheese and very expensive, so I don’t make this version often. But when I
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11 February, 2013

Mac and Cheese Cups

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These past few weeks I have been inadvertently experimenting with muffin tins.  I guess it started when I had some Hershey kisses I was sick of having around the house, so I melted them with some peanut butter into a mini muffin tin and refrigerated them until they looked like peanut butter cups.  Sorry, I
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20 November, 2012

Tom’s Quincentennial

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Yup, he turned the big 25 this weekend!  Better him than me, I say.  I’m not quite ready to be a quarter-century old so thankfully I let everyone else turn a year older first to give me enough time to face my birthday in June. So, being the amazing girlfriend that I am, I wanted
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