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16 June, 2014

26 signs you’re going from “20-something” to “old”

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Happy 26th birthday to me. I’m getting old … I can tell. It’s depressing to hit that age where you finally don’t want to age anymore. So I’m celebrating via blog post, BuzzFeed-style, with some lists and gifs.  Hopefully my fellow 20-somethings can relate. 1. You get excited – like really excited – about awesome
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20 February, 2014

Vote for J’ai La Vie! (Plus, “Knives of the Kitchen”)

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One of my favorite daily reads in The Kitchn – the foodie counterpart to Apartment Therapy which is filled with cooking tips, recipes, and kitchen tours.  The Kitchn also features “The Homies” awards to nominate the best blogs for a given home topic.  I’m proud to say J’ai La Vie has been nominated in the
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22 January, 2014

How to Cook Like Anthony Bourdain

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When I went to Giada’s demonstration at the Wine & Food Festival in the Fall, one of the audience members asked her what brand pots and pans she recommends.  It was obvious she wasn’t ready to endorse a product publicly (especially considering she now has her own line at Target) but after further pressing, she
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3 December, 2013

The Perfect Pasta

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Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!  Who doesn’t love a holiday that revolves around just food and family, no extra distractions.  Well, unless you count football… I know the Travis family had some good eats at Grandma’s! The rest of the weekend was spent with some more great food.  Friday night in was spent making
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26 November, 2013

Tribute to the International Jersey Shore

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I’ve been reminiscing about Italy and I remembered something from Italian hotel TV that made me laugh.  Apparently, the inexplicable trend that is the “Jersey Shore” which has fueled defaming New Jersey stereotypes and is FINALLY fading out, has caught on internationally. And unlike in the U.S., the show and the awful image that comes
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2 September, 2013

Travel Tips

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If you’re reading this, I’ve landed in Italia for a two-week vacation all over the boot. Or, as I’ve been calling it, my honeymoon without the wedding. (I’ll have to outdo this trip for the real thing!) I’ve scheduled a few posts to keep you reading while I’m gone. I’ll of course be posting about my
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26 August, 2013

Wedding Season Gifting

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My best friend is married!  What a beautiful wedding in beautiful weather, all for a beautiful bride! For me, it’s the end of wedding season.  But for many, I know there are plenty of fall weddings ahead. Of course, in celebration of a friend or relative, you give a shower gift straight off the registry
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