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6 March, 2016

Remember me? It’s been a while…

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I know, it’s been a veryyyyy long time since my last post. But I have excuses reasons. It’s been a very busy few months and I just have not had the time and energy to dedicate to blogging. I don’t like to do things if I can’t give it 100% and unfortunately my blog has been the casualty of that commitment. 

Here’s what’s new …

Apart from being a new homeowner, I also became a dog owner. We adopted Louie last April (ironically, on the date of my last post – so there may be some correlation there…). He’s a terror terrier mix with an amazing personality. He’s got a heart of gold… and worms. Yes, we also found out after adopting him that he has heartworm disease. So that has been an expensive hobby of ours, getting him healthy. Luckily he is in the homestretch and is going to be perfectly fine. (My PSA: always test your dogs and keep them up-to-date on heartworm meds!)

Oh, and I’m also getting married. After 7+ years of Tom dealing with me, we got engaged last September in Puerto Rico. I am so so so happy and cannot wait to marry this guy. We’ve put off marriage for so long that I guess this part our lives was long overdue but it was well worth the wait. We’re having a long engagement – not sealing the deal until May 2017 – so it gives me plenty of time to plan the perfect wedding, which has become my latest full-time hobby. My Pinterest boards finally can be put to use.

I’m also learning some new things, because I don’t like having any free time. I’m brushing up on my French (before my next trip abroad in May), taking more cooking classes (of course), learning calligraphy (which is super hard), and I’m learning to sew on a sewing machine (also super hard). I also joined a pretty active book club which I love, and am attempting to start my “briet” (bride diet) and doing Barre classes several times per week. 

So yeah, does that explain why the blog has kind of fallen to the bottom of my list? 

Here’s what’s coming…

Well I’ve racked my brain over how to handle the blog. The bottom line is, I LIKE blogging. I love writing in general, and this has been a great creative outlet for me. I want to keep my focus on food, because that is my passion, but even my cooking has suffered lately from my busy schedule. But I also don’t want to blog half-assed. (Excuse my French.)

So here’s what I’ve decided … I will focus on quality, not quantity. By blogging less, it takes the pressure of me and my time constraints. I don’t want to stress myself out by feeling like I have to blog every time I make dinner – it’s too much pressure. But for those recipes that I really think I could share, it’s worth me practicing my writing, photography, and editing skills to put together a post. So even though I began blogging less and less, I’ve decided there is nothing wrong with once per month if it’s all I can commit to.  After all, Jai La Vie has been something I do for me, so I will selfishly stick to that purpose. 

I will NOT turn this blog into a wedding blog or anything else that I’m randomly doing at that time. (I do have several other blog outlets for that type of content though – we will be adding editorial content to hudsonandsound.com when we launch our new website very soon!) And I continue to travel as often as I can, so that information will live on my travel project, which is a work in progress. (But in the meantime, check out my latest adventures in Spain!)

And of course, you can always catch up with me on Pinterest and Instagram.

Next post, coming soon!


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