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18 March, 2015

Kitchen Conversions – Useful Decor!

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I am terrible with numbers – I just don’t have a memory for them. Unfortunately for me, cooking is often more mathematical than it is creative so I’m constantly googling conversions. (How many ounces are in a cup again?) Truthfully, I’ll actually yell for Tom first and he’ll tell me for the one thousandth time that there are, and always have been, 8 ounces in a cup. 

But of course, I find  myself saying … wouldn’t it be nice if I had a chart in my kitchen that I could reference? Because I’m picky, my google search did not satisfy my need for something practical and pretty, so I naturally turned to my sister, a graphic designer, to just design me one! And without fail, I now have a beautiful and useful piece of kitchen art that will constantly remind me that there are four cups in a quart. 

Kitchen Conversions - printable download

And lucky for you, this kitchen conversation artwork is available for download! [Insert shameless plug here.] Just head over to our Etsy page – there is a choice of both “chalkboard” and “black and white.”

Oh, did I mention our Etsy shop has lots of fun things for you to peruse? Check out our “green” greeting cards which are super “punny”, recipe cards for those of us that still write down recipes, and cookie cutters in the shape of our favorite states, New York and New Jersey!

New York & New Jersey Cookie Cutters!

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