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12 March, 2015

The “Magic” of Food Styling

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I’ve been studying up on food photography and how to make that simple meal look extra delicious on camera. The more I learn, the more I am exposed to the “tricks” that some food stylists use to make food look appealing – whether it’s edible or not. For example, photographs of ice cream often use mashed potatoes because, obviously, they won’t melt if a shoot takes longer than two minutes. It’s still edible, but kind of gross when you think about it.

And then there are videos like this, which show how McDonalds can make that dollar menu Big Mac look so good on camera, even if it looks like dog food when it’s actually served to you in the restaurant.

For my studies, I’m sticking to the basics of trying to make real food look really good. So don’t worry, you won’t see any mashed potato ice cream here!

Click here to read the full article on Fast Co Design.


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