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5 March, 2015

Time for a Makeover!

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You may have noticed Jai La Vie is looking a little “fresher” this week. I’ve been in the process of updating the design, including a new logo thanks to my talented sister. I’ll have a few more updates and I’ll be rearranging some content, but I will keep you posted as the fabulous new updates roll out! 

So what’s new?

  • Cleaner, fresher layout, including a Pinterest-style homepage so you can see an aggregate of my latest posts.
  • New logo that focuses on all the fantastic eats that I’m going to post.
  • Easier navigation so you can find info on me and my interests from the header. (More info on new pages coming soon!)

I’ve also been honing my photography skills, so I hope to bring you better, brighter, more beautiful pics of my creations. I also want to focus more on the educational aspect of the home cook so that I’m bringing useful tips to my readers as I navigate them myself. 

So there’s a lot ahead for me and I hope you’ll keep reading to see what’s to come! 

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