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30 October, 2014

I’m Running a Marathon!

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Way back when, in early January, I decided to post my “resolutions” for 2014. By making them public, I felt it would give me some accountability. Well, I’m still in the process of learning more French (I at least made progress and have more plans for 2015). My more vague resolution was to be happier, and I would say I am much happier today than in 2013, or even the beginning of 2014, so I would consider that a success and plan to carry that into 2015. My “quieter” resolution (that I was worried I’d chicken out on) was to get laser eye surgery – CHECK! 

Ok, so that leaves one big one: run a marathon! On Sunday, November 2, I will complete this goal as I run 26.2 miles through the five boroughs of New York City. I am officially going to be a NYC marathoner!

I was blessed to get in via the lottery – which is pretty hard to do apparently. Luck was on my side, I suppose. My backup plan was to run for charity; by raising a few thousand dollars for a registered charity, runners can get guaranteed entry to the marathon. Because I was so lucky, I decided it wasn’t fair to let those good intentions go to waste. So, I decided to fundraise for my favorite international charity (which is actually not an official NYC Marathon charity, but it’s one very near and dear to me).

Here’s my plea:

Help support me in the race for water.

On November 2, I will be running the NYC marathon. On the long 26.2 mile journey through the 5 boroughs, I will be handed water at least 25 times. Most of us will never think about where this water comes from – when we’re thirsty, we flip a handle or push a button.

But, in many developing countries, women and children walk for hours, up and down mountains, just to collect water that can make them really sick.

That’s why on November 2, I am “running for running water.” Help support me by supporting my campaign to bring water to those who don’t have the luxury of turning on a faucet. Help me end the water crisis.

100% of everything we raise will directly fund water projects. And when those projects are finished, charity: water will send us proof in pictures and GPS coordinates, so we can see the actual people and communities we impacted.

And just to give you a sense of why I love this charity, 100% of all donations go directly to the cause. There is zero worry about your money going to the CEO’s million dollar salary, or not directly contributing to a cause. You’ll get an update on exactly where your money went, including coordinates of the water project and stories of its success. And the cause? If you’re interested, watch this video to see why the need for something so simple – and taken for granted here in the U.S. – is such a serious need in other parts of the world.

You can donate here.

And follow me on race day via the mobile app or watch me on ABC! Hopefully I don’t twist an ankle so that I can officially check this off my list. 

Wish me luck! 

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