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8 October, 2014

Turkey, Apple, Brie, & Fig Sandwich [Recipe]

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Fall means fig season, go fig-ure! (See what I did there?) This means some delicious fruit-filled snacks for those of us that are fig-natics. (Ok, I’ll stop.)  I still have so many savory memories of just over a year ago, sitting on a rooftop in Positano eating local figs and looking out over the Mediterranean. I wish I could freeze that moment and live in it forever …

But back to reality here in NYC. During a bout of very nice weather, Tom and I decided to have a picnic. While intending to go to Central Park, we ended up at Pier A Park in Hoboken as a result of Saturday laziness coupled with the fact that there was a concert in Central Park that day. Tom had a clear menu in mind complete with prosciutto and melon and some apple and ricotta crostini with honey. I wanted FIGS, so I ended up with this container of fresh fig spread from my local market. For our picnic, I was satisfied with fig and goat cheese on crackers – mmm it was all so delicious. 

Jai La Vie

Our picnic lunch: prosciutto and melon, apple and ricotta crostini with honey, and fig and goat cheese crackers

Having a container of fig spread leftover was no problem, because I ended up making this sweet sandwich for dinner (and lunches). It was a perfect summer-to-fall transitional sandwich and it was so simple to throw together. Turkey Apple Brie & Fig SandwichIt was as easy as it looks – some fresh bread toasted, spread with fig and topped with turkey, sliced apple, and brie. Another easy dinner and lunch, assembled. 

One of these days, I’m going to have my own fig tree. I see it in my future. 

For more information on buying, storing and eating figs, check out this guide



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    October 9, 2014 at 11:47 am

    mmm fig-lovin <3

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